For 2019 the Age groups are as follows:

  • U8 Development
  • U10 Competitive and Development
  • U11 Competitive and Development
  • U12 Competitive and Development
  • U13 Competitive and Development
  • U14 Competitive and Development
  • U16 Competitive and Development

Schedule for 2019:

Saturday Sunday
U8 Development U10 Competitive & Development
U11 Competitive & Development U12 Competitive & Development
U13 Competitive & Development U14 Competitive & Development
U16 Competitive & Development  

How many games will I play on the day?

Every team will get to play a minimum of three matches. There may be more depending on the results on the day.


  • Spaces are limited and we operate on a first come first serve basis (in 2019 we have had to disappoint 12 teams). In 2019 over 900 girls played for 90 teams from a total of 25 clubs in this 2 day event, we have decided to bring these numbers down for 2020, because of feedback about long waiting times.
  • Please note that we can only process application forms that are completely filled out and accompanied by payment.
  • The acceptance of teams is entirely at the discretion of Enniskerry FC. Any teams that apply and are not accepted will have their payment returned to them.
  • We are trying to get as many different clubs to participate so the first month we are only accepting 1 team per age group/skill level.

WHat are the Tournament RULES?


  1. The manager(s) is responsible for the safety and behaviour of the children at all times during the day.
  2. Please note that the children are not to leave the ‘Bog Meadow’ without adult supervision
  3. The area around the river and hill are dangerous, please do not allow children in these areas
  4. Enniskerry Football Club requires responsible and respectful behaviour to one another from all players, coaches/managers and supporters

General Rules

  1. All FIFA rules apply unless explicitly mentioned below.
  2. The schedule is very tight and we ask you for your co-operation to ensure a swift turn around between games.
  3. Referees decisions are final.
  4. Playing overaged players will not be allowed and can result in expulsion. There will be no checking the player cards as not all teams are from the Metropolitan Girls League.
  5. This is a tournament meant to celebrate and promote girls football. Therefore overcompetitive behaviour on or off the pitch can also result in expulsion.

Tournament Structure

  1. will be decided closer to the day

Match Duration

  1. Will be determined closer to the day (as an indication in 2019 matches were 14 minutes long, 7 Minutes per half with immediate turnaround)
  2. Match times may be changed at the discretion of the organisation (for example due to planning issues)

Team Size

  1. All U16, 14, 13, 12 teams are 7-a-side with rolling substitutions.
  2. All U11, 10 teams are 5-a-side with rolling substitutions.

Top Pitch ‘Special’ Rules

  1. On the very top pitch due to the limited size, the Goalie cannot kick the ball out of her hands. She can kick off the ground, throw or roll the ball out. Including to herself.
  2. All U11 & U10 teams are 5aside with rolling substitutions.


  1. No Offside rule shall apply in any age group.

Scoring and Knockout Rules.

  1. In the group phases, a team shall get 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw.
  2. Group positions are decided on points, followed by goal difference, followed by goals scored, followed by penalty kicks
  3. If a knockout game ends in a draw, a penalty shootout will take place – 5 penalties each; if still level after the 5 penalties, then sudden death penalties;
  4. Only the 7 players at the end of a match can take penalties, but any of the 7 ending players can be the goalkeeper in the penalty shoot out
  5. Only after all the players have taken a penalty, can the same player go again.

How can I get on the mailing list?

  1. please click here to leave your details for the mailing list.

Where do teams that play at Belles in the Meadow come from?

See map below on which most of the teams that participated in the 2018 Belles are marked.